Aims and Objectives


  • Provide access to Adult Education Training and access to information
  • Develop communities
  • To develop skills that will assist in employability
  • To develop poverty alleviation programmes
  • Encourage socio economic participation


  • Eradicating illiteracy in our communities by creating outreach accredited educational programmes.
  • Creating awareness to eliminate the rate of HIV/AIDs pandemic and health related diseases.
  • Creating awareness about environment.
  • Training people new skills and transform the disadvantaged communities into a literate society.
  • Building linkages and networks with other literacy and community development organizations, e.g. SETA’s, Government Departments, Educational & Environmental Funders and Further Education & Training Colleges.
  • Developing training materials on adult education, HIV/AIDs and Environmental Practices.
  • Develop HIV/AIDs related materials e.g. condoms, posters and training manuals
  • Training Early Childhood Development (ECD) Level 1, 4 & 5