Who We Are


The South African ABET Development Agency (SAADA) was founded in 1995 is a black owned organization offering Adult Education and Training (AET). SAADA was informed by the illiteracy rate amongst the previously disadvantaged, especially woman and the lack of support from different structures. SAADA’s core belief is developing human capital, enhances the socio economic status of individuals. The collapse of National Literacy Cooperation (NLC) and its structures has let so many people in the ledge. Presently, our structure is begging to consolidate its work an attempt to close the gap by:

  • Eradicating illiteracy in our communities by creating outreach accredited educational programmes.
  • Creating awareness to eliminate the rate of HIV/AIDs pandemic and health related diseases.
  • Creating awareness about environment.
  • Training people new skills and transform the disadvantaged communities into a literate society.
  • Building linkages and networks with other literacy and community development organizations, e.g. SETA’s, Government Departments, Educational & Environmental Funders and Further Education & Training Colleges.
  • Developing training materials on adult education, HIV/AIDs and Environmental Practices.
  • Develop HIV/AIDs related materials e.g condoms, posters and training manuals
  • Training Early Childhood Development (ECD) Level 1, 4 & 5